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Citronella Mosquito Plant

1 Gallon

The Citronella Mosquito Plant (Pelargonium citrosum) is a natural and fragrant way to repel mosquitoes while adding a refreshing touch to your outdoor spaces. With its distinctive lemony scent, this plant emits a fragrance that mosquitoes find unappealing, making it an excellent choice for creating a mosquito-free zone.

To care for the Mosquito Plant, provide it with partial to full sunlight. This plant can benefit from afternoon shade. Water consistently, allowing the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again. Winter indoors as this plant is not frost tolerant.

About Our Plants

Our soil is custom blended and contains only the highest quality Canadian peat. We don’t try to cut cost with cheaper mixes. Additionally, all of our plants are grown with 100 to 180 day time release fertilizer so you won’t be running out of it just when the plants arrive. This is not the case with the quick release 30 day fertilizers that many other companies tend to use.

We do approximately 90% of our own liners. Since the cost is relatively inexpensive, we put twice as many liners in each container for many of the varieties. Accordingly, this makes for a much fuller plant.

All of our plants are given more than adequate spacing. For instance, most of the flowering bushes and trellis plants have 4 square feet of spacing. The Boston fern hanging baskets, for example, have 6 square feet. This allows our plants to grow as big and full as possible.